About the Photographer

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Above photo: Erin Phillips & Cloud

With a life-long love and passion for God’s beautiful creation, in 2019, I decided to focus on wildlife and nature photography. The adventure and surprises are one of my favorite parts, along with getting to watch wildlife and learn more about them.  It constantly amazes me how much personality each animal has and to see how God provides for each of them!

Having an interest in wildlife management and preservation, I’m grateful for the opportunities wildlife photography provides to view the wildlife in their natural state. Close-up photos of wildlife are taken with a long lens so that my presence does not hinder their behavior, or scare them. My goal is to create images that look as close to the original scene as possible.

I also serve as the volunteer coordinator for The Cloud Foundation - an organization that works to save the wild horses and burros across our public lands, keeping them free and their range lands healthy.

As musicians, my family and I minister to others by visiting local nursing homes and churches. We also raise animals and sell homemade products from our farm, Joyful Acres.

Thank you for visiting my website.  If you have any questions, or would like to see a specific product on my store, feel free to contact me.

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