Pryor Mountains, Montana

As the home of the famous wild stallion, Cloud, mustangs are the Pryor Mountain’s main attraction. The beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain, to the colorful desert and Bighorn Canyon in the lowland, the Pryors offer many breathtaking views.

As symbols of our freedom, wild horses are the only governmentally protected animal, along with the bald eagle. Family and freedom is their life, and what they fight for. Across the west, mustangs and burros are being removed from their designated ranges to provide room for privately-owned livestock and private interests. Find out what you can do to help here: The Cloud Foundation. Stay updated on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd here: Pryor Mountain Mustang Center.

10% of all sales from the shop are donated to The Cloud Foundation in their work to save our wild horses and burros.

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